Know Thyself
Oracle at Delphi in Ancient Greece
Character is Destiny
Carl Jung

These tenets form the groundwork of the astrological services offered through this site by a professionally-accredited astrologer in Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston and areas, and beyond. Without self-knowledge, life is lived unconsciously. Everything in your life is an external manifestation of your inner map, your own unique inner universe that was created at the moment of your birth, and which unfolds as you grow and develop. The astrological horoscope reveals this inner map.

Our Approach

  • psychological rather than predictive
  • enlightening
  • supportive, empathetic and confidential

What you gain

  • insight into why you feel the way you do
  • clarity around why your life unfolds the way it does
  • an introduction into the “other” side of your nature
  • empowerment to give life to the unlived parts of your psyche


  • increased level of awareness
  • ability to make informed choices in your life, coming from a place of consciousness rather than a place of habit and instinctive reaction

Astrology is useful

  • during times of change or transition
  • in making difficult decisions
  • when needing a sense of perspective
  • in finding a meaningful context for challenges and problems