"Thanks so much for the reading last night. I found it to be so supportive and affirming, and also incredibly healing. And thanks for the time you spent and your incredible sensitivity - I really appreciated your gentleness."
AW, London, UK

"Thanks a lot for taking time with me and my chart. Even if the surrounding situation isn't the straightest, I can sense that our meeting will help me to discover myself as well as the world."
BR, Sweden

"I listened to you, I read your words. I opened my heart and chose to be willing to see new ways to deal with 'everything'. My life, my perception has altered dramatically. I am gathering strength to develop new coping and communication skills. Your perspective, your spirit was necessary for me to see the light. Your gift has illumined my life."
PL, Alberta, Canada

"Thanks for listening and all your help."
"Thank you once again for helping me on my life's journey. You are very gifted and I am proud to call you my friend."
AL, Alberta, Canada

"Many thanks for your support and advice."
CS, Hove, UK

"Back in Feb you did a reading for me and it was incredible. I was and am blown away by its accuracy and by the challenges it set before me."
SL, Alberta, Canada

"C was so moved by his encounter with you. I think the chart really 'filled in some important blanks' for him."
MH, Toronto, Canada

"Thank you for your time last Friday. It was a pleasure to meet you and clarify certain points you raised in my chart."
RM, Southampton, UK

"It was nice to meet and talk. Thank you for the readings, mostly your understanding and encouragement for me. I want to go on whatever it takes to find out more about myself and find peace with myself, with more faith in the unknown. Thank you for accompanying me on the path."
ZL, Kingston, Canada

"You did a birth chart reading for me a few weeks ago. I just wanted to say that I had a great time meeting with you, it was an amazing experience and I learned so much from you."
MC, Toronto, Canada